Drs. Oz and Roizen — System 20: Your new way to create a new you in 2020

Fad diets come and go … There’ve been ones focused on grapefruit, cigarettes (Lucky Strike’s “Keep a Slender Figure”), and even parasites (banish fat with “sanitized tapeworms in a jar”).

But over time, extreme diets (and, boy, are those extreme) don’t help you maintain a healthy weight or achieve a younger RealAge. That’s why “The Dr. Oz Show” has formulated a research-based, healthy-living plan for the new decade — System 20. It’s not a diet, but it’s designed to help you lose 20 pounds, reduce your risk for heart disease and diabetes by 20% and ease chronic pain. Plus, you’ll make your RealAge at least two years younger!

How? By adopting healthy eating, sleep monitoring, manageable exercise and mental health check-ins. You can get the entire program at www.doctoroz.com. But let’s look at the basic foods to shop for to help you get started.

Food basics: Whenever you’re preparing a meal, make sure it has four elements: protein, beans, greens and flavor — you want to enjoy this! Proteins include tuna, shrimp and salmon; beans range from chickpeas to navy; greens include spinach, Swiss chard and kale. On www.doctoroz.com you’ll find a “System 20 shopping list” and related recipes from Daphne Oz.

Your routine: Eat your first meal at 11 a.m. and stop eating at 7 p.m. You can take a cheat day once a week. Have that snack you really want, as long as it’s within reason. Then, you’ll make this first year of this decade your year to thrive!

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